Why Take Your Pet To The Groomers When You Can Do It At Home?  Here's Why...

Owning a pet has its many pleasures and everybody knows that there’s no friend that compares to the one wagging their tail and looking up at you. Let’s not forget that you are responsible for your dog's needs.

Not only are you a dog walker, food server, and the one who takes them to the veterinarian, but to be the groomer and the manicurist too would just be asking too much. Ok let’s start from the beginning.

You know the saying: “Workers are only as good as their tools.” Well, with pet grooming, you will need electric clippers, blades, and scissors specific for dogs. Improper blades can burn your pet's skin and damage the coat. 


Once you're done with the clippers you have to take out the scissors (you can’t just use any household scissors). Shears rarely cut well after they’re dropped. Worn out combs and brushes can tear a dog’s coat.


Then comes the manicurist part, where you'll need the right-sized trimmers. Why take all these risks on harming your pet when here at Janneth's, we have the experience to do it safely.