It’s bath time. Your first problem is where? Your choices are either the kitchen sink or the bath tub. Now let me just tell you that bending over a tub can be backbreaking.

Here’s a list of supplies you will need just to wash your dog:

Waterproof Apron, Shampoo, Conditioner, Dip, Scrubbing Sponge, Towels, Spray Attachment, Rubber Mat, Cotton Balls, Grooming Noose, Rubber Curry, Eye Ointment

You might as well put on a bathing suit because dogs that don’t enjoy taking a bath will put up a fight.


Bathing your pets may not seem dangerous, but you are taking a risk that could break their hip.  Some dogs may not be willing to step into the bathtub.  

And during the shedding season, pets can leave hair all over your sink or tub.

What ever you do, do not dry them with a human hair dryer.  Not only will it irritate their skin, but burn it too. Drying your pet may also take hours if you only have towels, especially if the pet has long hair.